Fine Art Limited Edition Prints

The Royal Oaks of England
Peter Arnold

Oak IOak I Flowers Pink
Oak II
Flowers Pink
Oak IV
Oak IOak V Flowers Pink
Oak X
Flowers Pink
Oak XI
Oak IOak III Flowers Pink
Oak VI
Flowers Pink

All images copyright © Peter Arnold

Prints can be ordered individually or as a set


The silver gelatin process is available through specialist fibre- based papers coated with a suspension of silver salts in gelatin. When exposed to light, atoms of free metalic silver are liberated to form an image, and the final print consists of metallic silver embedded into a gelatin coating. Prints have a strong tonal range with luscious metallic blacks giving a dramatic and sensitive beauty.


Prints made by the platinum process are some of the most beautiful, giving punchy whites and the deepest of blacks. The effect is achieved by using the light sensitivity of iron in the presence of organic material to turn platinum salts into metal, particles of which are set into the paper surface, so finely, that they give a depth to the image that can be achieved by no other process.